The 80s Kids


An ‘80s-Themed Variety Show featuring Sketch, Improv, Music, and More!


The 80s Kids? They sound pretty rad!

Like, totally! The 80s Kids are a group of performers from Station Theater in Houston, Texas.

They came together over a mutual love of 80s pop culture because they LIVED it, man!

They created a totally tubular variety show featuring live music, sketch comedy, improv comedy, and more. 


But like... How can I see them?

Sat, Oct 26 - 6:00pm: It’s An ‘80s Kids Halloween Special!

80s Kids Halloween.PNG

check out other shows at Station Theater featuring ‘80s Kids cast members!

  • Fri, Oct 18 - 9:30 PM: Dark Matter Fridays: Boobytrap, The Vestibulists (feat. Caryn Fulda, Christopher Fusselman, Jesse Garson, and Teresa Rocknic), Pure Inanimation

  • Sat, Oct 19 - 6:00 PM: Station Academy: Discord & Rhyme Musical Improv (feat. Daniel Williams, Jesse Garson, Jessica Brown), Ophelia's Rope, Sandy Patio - Level 2

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Retro Jam - 2160X1080 (2).png

Retro Jam Presented by The ‘80s Kids

Fourth Sunday of the Month, 2-4pm | Next Jam: Sunday, July 28
Station Theater | 1230 Houston Avenue, Houston, TX 77007

This FREE improv jam is open to improvisers of all experience levels who are 40 years of age and older. Improv jams are a fun, no pressure way to get more improv experience. Jams are a safe space where performers can expand their improv experience and take chances. If you want to come play with people who get your 80s references, this is the place for you!

Audience members are not permitted. If you attend a jam at Station Theater, we ask that you participate.

Jams may be preempted by special events.
Please check each date carefully on our
80s Kids Comedy Facebook Page.

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Video Sketches

80s kids.jpg

Ok - but like... Who ARE they?

  • Full Cast List (In Photo Order): Jessica Brown, Jesse F. Garson, Paul Gallegos, Caryn Fulda, Astrid Lange, Christopher Fusselman, Daniel Williams, Hugo Pedraza, Jamie West, Jorge R. Carrillo-Rosa, Katie Morgan, Lisa H. Beckman, Steve Patlan, Teresa Elliott Rocknic.

  • Additional Cast: Andrea Kawaja, Nancy Martch (Photos not yet available)

  • Produced & Created By: Jessica Brown, Jesse Garson, and Paul Gallegos

  • Contributing Writers: Paul Gallegos, Jesse Garson, Jessica Brown, Caryn Fulda, Jamie West, Jorge Rosa, Hugo Pedraza

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